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Relief For Gospel Artiste Mary Lincon as Blogger Who Leaked Her Nudes Takes a Break

by litfeed
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I became Martha Mwihaki Hinga’s mutual friend on Facebook in mid-2021. She had just released an expose targeting popular city preacher Lucy Natasha. As a journalist with an interest in celebrities, I was compelled to send her a friend request.

At the time, she had a smidge following on the platform and had not identified her niche as a blogger. However, she had a keen emphasis on the gospel industry.

After months of trying to find her footing, towards the end of 2021 she vowed to sanitise the Kikuyu gospel industry and exploded.

Tens of well-known gospel musicians and pastors from central Kenya have not known peace since then.

One after the other, her exposes have been controversial and shocking, thus attracting thousands upon thousands of reactions that at times have transcended ethnicity. Her topics include infidelity and cheating, alcoholism, irresponsible parents in the gospel industry, and conmanship.

For example, her latest expose, which featured popular gospel artist Mary Lincon has spread so much and has even been picked by the mainstream media.

Martha leaked nudes of the singer in the comments section of one of her posts. The blogger suggested that Mary was sending the come-to-bed photos to her secret lover despite being married to veteran Kikuyu radio presenter Njogu wa Njoroge as his second wife.

The photos went viral on Twitter, a merciless platform where roasting is the order of the day.

Consequently, Mary visited CFF Church in Kiambu and repented, which appeared to confirm that perhaps the nudes were hers.

Other gospel celebrities who have been unmasked include philanthropist Karangu Muraya, Akorino gospel artiste Martin Janet and US-based Kikuyu gospel musician Esther Ndirangu.

Interestingly, despite revealing so many secrets that most of the time turn to be true, Martha remains anonymous. In fact, these celebrities have been threatening to expose her for months, but the blogger appears to be shrewd.

Each time, they exert pressure on her, she retreats before returning with some juicy rumours. Like now, gospel celebrities can heave a sign of relief after she announced that she has taken a break.

Some of those she has exposed claim that she is a man hiding his true identity behind a woman’s name. The self-proclaimed Kingdom Whistleblower has a shadowy picture of a woman on Facebook.

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