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Revealed: How ‘Friends’ Clandestinely Butchered Kiambu Family

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

How did assailants gain access to a home in Kiambu County with a perimeter wall buttressed with a razor wire and an electric fence?

This is one among many questions Kenyans have been asking themselves following the gruesome murders of five people at Karura on Tuesday night, 5th January.

US-based nurse Nicholas Njoroge, his wife Wanjiku, their son and nephew and a farmhand worker were all killed in cold blood.

Two days into investigations, detectives have crucial leads to help them unearth the chilling killings.

On that eventful night, a number of people arrived at Njoroge’s home in a car and two motorcycles.

Some of the visitors were known to Njoroge.

Tough unsure about their mission, the man suspiciously let them in into his house.

The perpetrators had their plan well-thought-out. Immediately after entering the house, they split themselves into groups.

One group proceeded to Njoroge’s bedroom with him, and the other went into the kitchen to handle the woman and the two children.

Wanjiku, her son and nephew were easily subdued and butchered, but the killers had an uphill task dealing with Njoroge.

After several stabs, he managed to momentarily escape by jumping from the balcony.

Although investigators suspect he sustained minor injuries after the risky move, he still attempted several moves before the criminals caught up with him. This time around, his luck had run out.

A domestic worker, who was in a separate house in the compound, was also brutally killed.

All the victims had their throats slit, arms broken and stabbed a number of times. Njoroge had 34 stab wounds while his wife was stabbed 16 times.

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