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Rogue Cop Masquerading as KRA Official Arrested After Demanding Hefty Bribe

by Zablon Ondari
2 mins read

A senior police officer was arrested on Wednesday, 12th January, after allegedly demanding a bribe from a liquor store owner in Runda Estate., Kiambu County.

Police Inspector Davis Simiyu of Kikuyu Police Station and his two alleged accomplices, who were lucky to escape, had reportedly walked to Heisenberg Wines and Spirits, masquerading as Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officials.

After conducting a “thorough ‘inspection” of the liquor store, DCI said the trio turned to the owner, David Mathenge, and accused him of failing to issue Electric Tax Register (ETR) invoices to customers and selling products with fake excise stamps, after which they demanded a hefty bribe.

“All this while, a visibly disappointed group of young men who hover around liquor stores was all eyes, watching the unfolding events from the periphery as the purported KRA staff ransacked their ‘local’. They were not happy,” DCI said.

When Mathenge remained adamant that he was a diligent taxpayer operating his business legitimately, the three attempted to arrest him. He then raised the alarm.

This attracted the already agitated group of young men who came running, baying for the blood of the three suspects.

Two managed to escape using a getaway car but Simiyu was cornered and given a thorough beating.

He was rescued by police officers on patrol who heard the commotion and rushed to the scene.

“It is after interrogation that the officers established that Inspector Simiyu was a rogue cop on interdiction. He is facing three court cases at the Nakuru and Milimani Law courts, of impersonating KRA officials,” said the DCI.

During the arrest, police recovered a fake KRA identification document from Simiyu.

The suspect is in custody waiting to be arraigned on personation and forgery charges.

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