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Ruto Camp Now Suspect Uhuru is Sponsoring Raila’s Anti-govt Protest Rallies

by litfeed
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President William Ruto’s camp has started guessing the names of individuals they think are behind Azimio la Umoja’s anti-government rallies.

Dennis Itumbi, arguably the most influential and connected blogger in the Kenya Kwanza administration, generated debate on Sunday after throwing the name of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He posited that Uhuru could be pulling the strings behind the scenes for personal reasons.

“Someone is sponsoring the Azimio rallies. He is opposed to the fact that everyone must pay taxes,” Itumbi said on his social media pages.

However, the digital strategist was categorical that no amount of pressure will compel the government to exempt some people from paying taxes.

“Even with the demos, the end rest is the same. Everyone must pay taxes.”

Tax evasion claims against the Kenyatta family have their genesis when Uhuru fell out with his then-deputy, Ruto in the second term of the Jubilee regime.

One of the narratives Ruto’s social media team sustained in the lead-up to last year’s August 9 presidential election is that the Kenyattas were using their influence in the government to deliberately avoid being tax compliant.

The Kenyatta empire has invested heavily in almost all sectors of the economy.

However, the tax evasion allegations have never been substantiated.

Lately, President Ruto has been vocal about revenue collection, reiterating that all eligible Kenyans must file taxes. He has also proposed new taxes or increases to the existing ones.

Raila Odinga-led Azimio rallies have discussed the new taxes, terming them as punitive.

“We call upon Kenyans to resist and demand removal of punitive taxes that have led to punitive prices of products and services,” Raila said.

Raila held the second rally in Jacaranda grounds today, six days after leading a similar one at the Kamukunji grounds.

The opposition boss has vowed to continue with the rallies until Ruto and his government resign. He maintains he defeated Ruto by a wide margin, but the electoral commission played games with Ruto.

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