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Ruto Rocks Luxurious Designer Shirt Whose Price Tag is Crazy, Internet Erupts

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

President William Ruto on Thursday carried out several assignment and travelled a lot, but it is his shirt that captured the attention of many Kenyans.

The Head of State rocked a blue cotton shirt, ditching the official attires that he is synonymous with.

Perhaps inspired by predecessor, retired President Uhuru Kenyatta, who dumped suits in many occasions in the final years of his administration, Ruto looked dope.

However, the difference between Ruto’s shirt and those worn by Uhuru is like day and night.

While Uhuru purchased his shirts directly from Rivatex East Africa Ltd to support the limping local fashion industry, Ruto got his from Stefano Ricci, an Italian luxury brand.

Ruto’s handmade shirt cost a whooping $1372 or Ksh174,160 when converted to the Kenyan currency.

In comparison, you would need slightly more than or less than Ksh2,000 to order Uhuru’s shirt from Rivatex.

Kenyans on social media created a buzz after establishing the hefty price tag on Ruto’s shirt.

Some said it is okay for the First in Command to occasionally pick that one expensive outfit, many underscored the need for the Kenyan leader to promote the textile industry given the stiff competition it is wading off from imported brands.


Kungu Ngure: “He is one of the most hardworking person’s I know in Kenya. So it’s good.”

Sarcastic Mash Simon said: “That’s very cheap for our beloved President.”

Nsavike Ken: “It’s just a shirt whether you pay Sh. 150,000/ or 20 bobs it same thing it doesn’t change.”

Others said if could afford such a shirt, they would not hesitate to buy one to feel confident and important.

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