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Savage! What Fans Had to Say About Bahati’s New Hairstyle

by Esther M.
2 mins read

Youthful former gospel musician Bahati unveiled a new hairstyle a day ago, as he prepares for what has been billed as his biggest album launch.

The Mama hitmaker has left his fans in shock as none had expected him to go that far.

Proud of his new style, he introduced his new look through a short video.

Check it out below.

A number of his fans received the new transformation with shock and some did not even know what to say, and others were left laughing.

A few hours later, they had gathered courage and it was evident that most of them do not like his new hairstyle.

A few like his usual look.

Others felt that he was just being a copy cat, as his new hairstyle is associated with Tanzanian Bongo Flava musician Ray Vanny.

A few preferred the style but they wished he didn’t go for white, and chose black.

Here are some of the comments from the notorious netizens.

Maxwell: “Remove that braid Bahati …Have never been negative to you but this is a No.”

Lewi: “It’s looking like the stove chimney.”

Risper: “Who will Majesty call father now?”

Muthoni: “This hairstyle looks awful 👎👎👎 plus it’s copypasted from Rayvanny. You should have retained you signature look😳😳😳”

Mose: “Looking like a moper😂😂😂😂🙌”

Kirigo: “You copy wasafi too much.”

Vivian: “Walai God 1…someone has to tell you…u look bad…is don’t look at me was a person…it would be you…?i mean why…my eyes are bleeding.”

Cate: “It would have been better if you used the black braids.”

Bony: “You look like the Merino sheep.”

His close friends and former gospel music colleagues, Weezdom and Dj Mo, also gave their views.

Koome: “Oh no! I am a fan but this one is a no.”

Although they sounded positive, one could sense some hypocrisy in their comments as they ended their replies with a laughter emoji.

weeezdom: “The darling company should give you a Braids deal now😂”

DJ Mo: “Brother it’s hot, anybody saying otherwise is just jealous😂”

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