A glimpse into the world of top Kenyan rapper Kush Tracey will get you thinking about the need to plan carefully what you intend to wear the whole week. Kush, whose real name is Teresia Ndoti Wambua, is quite versatile in her mode of dressing and it is evident that her wardrobe is full of fantastic designs.

What one intends to wear on different days of the week for different occasions depends on a number of factors. But not many people really think seriously about this and choose their attire for the whole week.

For important occasions, however, one will ensure one’s outfit is thought through in advance and not randomly picked at the last minute.

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Kush is a presenter on Switch TV and obviously needs to look good, decent, and attractive on a daily basis.

But at the end of the week, the Huwezi Nidandia hitmaker remembers every single outfit she put on during that period.

Today, 17th October, she displayed photos of what she wore during the past one week.

She then asked her online fans to help her rate her outfits.

“Rate my style for this week😃? Which day did I rock your favourite look?” the pretty TV girl posed.

And her fans came forward and gave her an honest rating.

They chose Monday, as the day Kush put on the best outfit.

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Kush definitely has a sense of fashion and style, and looking her very best determines how she steps out of home daily.

See the photos below.

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