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Senator Cherargei Roasted So Bad After Lying Ruto Cow Delivered Triplets

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Folks on the internet are lynching Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei for spreading false information while intending to validate the administration of President William Ruto.

Cherargei took to his social media platforms to claim that a cow belonging to the President had given birth to three calves at once.

He said each symbolized a term for Ruto, meaning he would rule for three consecutive terms. The Constitution has set a two-term limit for the President.

“H.E Ruto cow gives birth to triplets of his symbolic leadership. 5 years of backfilling debt hole created by Uhuru + Raila into economic transformation. 5 yrs for economic stability. 5yrs of kenya prosperity of milk + honey. 15 yrs of uninterrupted economic transformation,” he captioned his photo, which showed a cow with its triplets.

What the lawmaker forgot is that in the digital era you need to be too smart to lie.

Online sleuths swung into action and within minutes they had exposed Cherargei as a fake news peddler.

Apparently, the second-term parliamentarian lifted the photo on the internet and posted it to create a misleading narrative.

The screenshot below tells the true story about the cow Cherargei described.

Kenyans descended on him mercilessly, noting that lately he has become a “reckless propagandist”.


Kabando Wa Kabando: “Chairman of Senate Committee on justice is faking photos and concocting stories. With friends like these, President Ruto needs no enemies. Senator, you’ve abrogated the Public Officers Ethics Act.”

Lilian London: “This is NOT TRUE. Ruto’s cows were black and white and not beautiful like this. So you guys are addicted to lies to this degree? Awuoro.”

Mihr Thakar: “The Constitution permits 10 years. Why are you posing as if he will abuse the Constitution? The enemies of Kenya Kwanza are within.”

Coll Odhiambo: “Senator, we are tired of your constant blame games and lies. Tell Ruto to deliver, fix the economy or vacate the office for others to do that. Nonsense.”

Paul Maina: “Pure conmanship. When will zakayo government stop downloading pictures from the internet?”

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