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‘Serikali Saidia’: Cry as Mama Mboga Vibanda Demolished in Kiambu

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

A group of small-scale traders in Njomoko, Thika, in Kiambu County are counting huge losses after their kiosks were brought down on Tuesday night.

The vendors woke up to find their stalls razed and the goods they have been selling missing after they were looted by people who took advantage of the operation.

The demolitions were carried out by bulldozers from the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) and affected over 100 traders.

KeNHA says the vendors have been operating on a road reserve and since the expansion of the Thika-Magumu road is underway, the structures had to go.

The traders complained that they had not been issued with a notice to vacate their premises.

One of the traders said she has operated her kiosk for five years and had just stocked it with fruits.

“I had just sourced my fruits to sell this week. However, now I have lost my money and source of income,” she said.

Another vendor accused their leaders of abandoning them. While the demolitions were effected by a national government agency, she said the county government ought to have protected them.

“When Governor Kimani Wamatangi was campaigning, he promised to install stree lights so that we can do our business during the night, but now he is nowhere,” he said.

The traders now want the county government to relocate and compensate them for the losses.

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