Sifuna Warns Police Against Using Excessive Force to Contain Kasarani Protesters

The continuing running battles between police and Kasarani residents in Nairobi have attracted the attention of ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna.

The protests by matatu drivers and touts and other residents over bad roads in the area entered the third day on Wednesday, 15th January.

Taking to Twitter, Sifuna warned police officers against using excessive force to contain the protesters agitating for the renovation of the Mwiki-Kasarani road.

The battles between the police and residents have claimed three lives so far, according to reports from the area.

In his statement, Sifuna denounced the police action as “totally unacceptable”.

He wrote: “Why should anyone die just for protesting for better roads, which is their right in the first place?”

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The protests took an unprecedented turn after locals joined matatu drivers lamenting the poor state of the Mwiki-Kasarani road.

On Wednesday morning, police engaged the protesters in running battles with school-going children being caught in the melee.

Shopkeepers suffered a major blow after a section of the protesting residents took advantage of the confusion to loot .

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