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Single Mothers So Happy, Hopeful After Akothee, Mother of 5, Remarries Again

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Kenyan artist Akothee relinquished her position as the self-declared President of Single Mothers in Kenya on Monday after her grand wedding at Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club.

She wedded Denis Schweizer, whom she nicknamed Mister Omosh to become accepted in her Luo culture. The man is from Switzerland.

By all standards, this was an extraordinary wedding.

Akothee was not your usual bride for this white wedding.

When we hear the name white wedding, we think of a man and woman, who are virgins or generally a couple that is young.

But Akothee lives on her own terms.

The odds were against her. The businesswoman is a mother of 1, 2… 5 children from different fathers. In Kenya, single mothers with more than two children are considered “rejects” and only few men would be willing to date and marry them.

Not Akothee. The proud mum has been a hot cake in the dating scene. She has sampled multiple men, agreeing to marry some and later divorcing them.

And what makes her special is the fact that after every breakup or divorce, a few months later she is flying with another man. Needles to say, she is a magnet for white and brownskin guys.

Her nuptials to Mister Omosh was yet another statement that she will live her life the way she wants.

Single mothers, widows and divorcees followed her wedding with so much hope.

We Are Encouraged

Hundreds took to social media platforms to congratulate Akothee and to admit that they have been encouraged.

Many said they would start looking for potential husband materials without fear.

Geraldine Muiruri wrote: “That yes we are here: a woman can choose whoever, whenever as many times as she finds happiness. Learn how to let go and move on girls. Congratulations madam boss Akothee.”

Deborah Auko offered: “I like that Akothee is getting married today. It breaks the myth that there is a biological clock for women..and so women should get into or maintain being in toxic marriages thinking nobody will have them. A good man will come along honey..build yourself,invest in yourself,a good man will come along even at 70.”

However, women were warned not to getting too excited because of events at Akothee’s life and forget the price she has paid.

For instance, Akothee is a powerful brand and travels a lot. It is during one of her holidays in France she met her new husband.

Verdict: market yourself better.

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