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Six Useful Ways to Fully Detox your Mind

by Helen Ndubi
2 mins read

In today’s ever-busy world, it is almost impossible to get some time all alone. However, it’s our obligation to prioritise this because our mental health is vital in reducing stress and increasing one’s alertness. Mental health experts have advised people to practise the following steps to improve themselves: 

Unfollow anyone who doesn’t add positivity to your life. 

In case you are going to spend your time on social media platforms, you ought to make sure it is a productive experience at the end. A regular clean-out is advisable among those you are following. Ensure that they are adding something to make your life better and not only giving you societal pressure to lead a fake life. 

Become selectively social 

Be selective with whom you want to spend time and connect with. Keep in mind that you should not go around venting to everyone but only those who actually care for your well-being.


This is an effective way to calm your mind and it helps one to become better at focusing on one thing at a time in the areas of your life. It helps in preventing the distractive thoughts seem less important and only giving more attention to detailed matters.

Ask yourself these important questions

Putting yourself in the spotlight also helps. Brainstorm yourself with questions such as: 

What is working in my life and what’s not? 

How can I change that?

Are there any relationships that are emotionally draining me? 

What bad habits must I get rid of?

Say ‘no’ whenever not ready

If you are not completely sure about something that simply means you don’t agree to it. However, people pleasers find it hard saying no, but are always willing to compromise their freedom for someone else. If you find yourself being uncomfortable doing something say no to avoid being overwhelmed in the end.

Discover the power of pause 

You can stop what you are doing whether it’s work or house chores. Walk around while doing stretches to relax your body in general. Also, practise counted deep breathing in through your nose and breathing out through your mouth. 

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