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Small Risky Mistakes Women Make During Pregnancy

by Esther M.
2 mins read

The entire pregnancy period is just as important as the actual delivery date and the bringing up of a child.

It is important for expectant mothers to take extra care for the sake of the unborn child and themselves. During pregnancy every second is important.

Litkenya.com spoke to Enock Murunga, a registered nurse and a midwife with 22 years’ experience, who pointed out five risky mistakes many pregnant women make.

Murunga, who works for Spin Ventures Group (SVG) Healthcare at Muthaiga, Nairobi, had the following vital tips for the delicate journey:

1. Make no assumptions whenever bleeding occurs

Pregnant women should take it seriously whenever bleeding occurs for it is not a good sign.

In case one experiences such, one should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

2. Prefer health experts’ advice to traditional beliefs and practices

Do not ignorantly follow advice from other women on what they might have experienced. as you risk serious complications.

3. Delays in starting antenatal clinics

Waiting until the pregnancy has grown for one to start attending antenatal clinics could pose a danger when complications occur.

Starting clinics earlier is good for both the mother and the baby since complications or problems can be detected and appropriate interventions done.

4. Comparing current pregnancy to a previous one(s)

For those who have been pregnant before, it is dangerous to compare those with the current one. Every pregnancy is unique and, therefore, no assumptions should be made.

5. Failure to plan for any eventualities

A pregnancy is a journey and anything can happen at anytime.

Having a plan for hospital admission in case of need is important, as it will enable emergencies to be attended to without delays that could be dangerous.

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