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Soccer Fan Strikes Referee Dead in Kisii Over Contested Penalty

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Several people have been arrested after a Football Kenya Federation (FKF) referee was killed in Kisii County on Friday, 4th November.

Mwalimu John Chang’aa was allegedly hit by a football fan after he awarded a controversial penalty in a friendly match.

The angry man reportedly confronted the whistler before hitting him with a flying kick in the chest.

“A player of Ichuni FC was injured and the fan-cum-player rushed to help evacuate him from the field. But by the time he reached the field, the emergency team had moved the victim out.

“The referee told the young man to quickly get off the playground but he got into a verbal exchange with him. That was when the referee threw a flag at him and in retaliation, the intruder attacked him,” an eyewitness told The Standard.

The referee collapsed and was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

However, other sources indicated that Chang’aa, a retired teacher, might have succumbed to injuries sustained on the pitch and not from the fan’s kick.

After awarding the contested penalty, some players reportedly roughed him up in protect.

The Fifa accredited referee had decided to officiate the friendly match between Ichuni Youth and Aspire at the Gasabakwa Green Stadium without authority from the FKF.

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