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Socialite Huddah Monroe Says Omanyala Giving Her Sleepless Nights: ‘Ananimaliza’

by litfeed
2 mins read

Controversial socialite Huddah Monroe has declared that she is so smitten to Kenyan athlete Ferdinand Omanyala.

At the weekend, Huddah turned to the internet to express her admiration for the champion in the 100 meters.

Huddah, who just arrived in the country, said the search for Omanyala may make her to postpone her trip back to Dubai.

“Omanyala isn’t ugly; it’s like I’m not going back to Dubai,” she wrote.

The socialite showed interest in Omanyala after he won the men’s 100m championship at the Kip Keino Classic, when he set a new record of 9.85.

Despite the fact that Omanyala is married, he is Huddah’s type and she cannot keep quiet about it.

Huddah previously said that dating tall, dark, and good-looking men might be difficult since their mothers make it difficult.

“All that hard work can rapidly drive you mad! Their mothers are to blame for this. You mothers with sons, do better for the next generation of black men!” she said.

The socialite-cum-businesswoman also revealed that she likes an honest man.

“If my lover cheated on me, I would never leave him. But if he’s lying, I’d leave right away. Your biological mother is not me.

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