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5 Ways to to Improve Prospecting to Grow Sales!

What is prospecting?
It is all about starting new relationships and getting the opportunity to present your value proposition. This will take the form of making phone calls, sending emails, and using other social media platforms or making personal visits to potential customers to create opportunities to market your product or service. It is hard work but the long-term benefits are worth the investment.

How do you improve prospecting?

Time and dedication
You have to create time and do it daily. This requires the right mind-set and appreciation that prospecting is the lifeblood of sales. You have to prospect all the time because you know sunny days are around the corner. You have to plan daily and set out to properly execute your strategy.

Communication channels
Use all the communication tools available to you – calling, emails, Instagram, Twitter and networking. Identify what really works for you in executing and place major reliance on research to ensure that you reach a large number of potential customers with great potential to convert. This should include those in the buy, aware and cold mode. Hard online sales promotions will only reach those in the buy mode with some estimates putting this group only at 3% of the total market. Therefore, you are likely to miss out on the remaining 97% of the market.

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Choose your words carefully for oral or written communication. The idea is to demonstrate value proposition. You are wooing the prospective customer. Just like a potential life partner, you must provide the reason why they must commit. Other issues follow later.

Focus on results
Prospecting is not selling. It the ability to get an appointment or attention to demonstrate the value you bring. The conversation on sales will come another time.

Think long term
Keep the communication lines open, even when you get a no, accept that rejection is part of the process. Watering the relationship over time might deliver big wins in the long term!
Superstar-sales performance requires consistency in prospecting and ensuring that the inflow in the sales pipeline is higher than the conversion rate!

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