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Sonko Addesses Rumours That He Leaked Gospel Singer Mary Lincon Nudes

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has spoken out after he became the key suspect in the leaking of popular Kikuyu gospel musician Mary Lincon’s nudes.

Though the pictures were shared by controversial blogger Martha Mwihika Hinga, some Kenyans claimed that she received them from Sonko.

In the photos, Mary was evidently on a video call with a rich man, according to Martha. However, she did not reveal the identity of the rich man.

This fuelled speculation, with a good number of netizens alleging that the politician was on the other end of the call and might have leaked the sexually explicit photos.

“I think Mary sent the photos to Sonko and he shared them. He is the one we know with a habit of exposing women’s private parts. I am convinced that Sonko has those photos and leaked them,” social media user Sue Gachambi said.

After days of suspecting Sonko, he has come out to defend himself, saying that on this one Kenyans are wrong.

“You people like perceiving me in a bad way. I was just chilling then boom, my name is mentioned. I even don’t know that lady (Mary),” he tweeted.

Mary has been trending for two weeks after the leaks.

Last week, she appeared to confirm the nudes were hers after repenting in a special church service at CFF Church in Kiambu County.

On Sunday, she performed her songs in a congregation for the first time since the saga that brought her so much humiliation.

The singer is married to veteran journalist Njogu wa Njoroge as his second wife, though rumours have it that their marriage is now in trouble.

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