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Sonko Blocked From Meeting Baby Sagini Yet He Wants Him Airlifted to China to Get Artificial Eyes

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Former Nairobi Governor has told of the frustrations he is going through while trying to help Baby Sagini whose eyes were gouged out recently.

Sonko has been trying to get in touch with the boy’s family, but all his efforts have been futile.

In his rants, Sonko accused Kisii leaders of preventing him from meeting Baby Sagini because they think he wants to milk public attention.

“We don’t pursue cases for PR purposes but we normally look for permanent solutions,” he said.

Sonko is determined to have the three-year-old airlifted to a famous eye hospital in China for specialized treatment.
China’s Dennis Eye Hospital is a giant in eye implants.

However, the hospital only handles referral cases. That means before Baby Sagini is flown there, he must get a recommendation from at least two hospitals in Kenya.

Sonko has already arranged how the youngster will be brought to Nairobi for review, but some people are standing in the way.

“I have contacted the area MP where the incident took place Hon Japheth Nyakundi and the county government of Kisii to facilitate how Baby Sagini will be brought to Westlands Layer Eye Hospital… and also meet eye specialists from Mbagathi Hospital,” he said.

Sadly, the minor missed an appointment at Westlands Layer Eye Hospital because Sonko could not access him since the matter has been politicized.

The ex-Nairobi Senator is also collaborating with Esnahs Nyaramba, a well-wisher in Kisii, who is following the case closely.

Sonko maintains that all he wants is to have the child fitted with prosthetic eyes. The artificial eyes look more same as natural eyes, but do not restore vision – they only provide lower-resolution vision, which enables one to identify a location, a person, or an object.

Specialists, who attended to Baby Sagini, said he has lost his eyesight forever and no technology can restore it.

Meanwhile, Sonko says he will not relent until Baby Sagini gets help. He is also looking for Sagini’s seven-year-old sister.

Investigators have apprehended people close to Sagini and identified them as the prime suspects.

A land succession row is said to be the motive behind the beastly act. The family was concerned that Sagini was the heir to his stepfather’s piece of land and since they did not want him to inherit it, they plotted to kill him.

After plucking out his eyes, they dumped him in the middle of the farm at night, thinking he was dead, but he was just unconscious.

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