Sparkling Scenes in Kiambu, Mud Business, Mad People, Fond Memories

You must have witnessed how children really love to play their own games in the mud. Not many parents like it, though. It is because of the high price they have to pay to have their children’s clothes cleaned, as it can be quite hectic.

At Nderi, a neighbourhood west of Nairobi, in Kiambu County, children have watched how much fun it’s to enjoy frolicking in the mud from seeing their seniors, including their own parents, doing so.

Children on the sidelines, and adults at it, how relaxing was that!

It was the first time the county hosted such an event where motor vehicles were driven and, motorcycles ridden and grownups enjoyed a splash in the mud. They did all sorts of ‘madness’ as their young ones watched, thanks to the rains which provided a perfect avenue for the fun.

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Many of the people who watched the action said they would love to have that ‘mad’ and ‘mud’ pleasure occasionally.

The event was organised by Rhino Charge Organinisation, which promised to continue with and even expand the event in future. The directors have said that in the coming days, they will charge those who want to engage in the mud affair.

Mud fun is a game that is so popular in the Western countries that some will readily pay to have a bit of the action.

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