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Stivo Simple Boy Forced to Spend Night With 2 Women in Mombasa

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Top rapper Stivo Simple Boy was reportedly forced to share a room with two women during his recent dramatical music tour in Mombasa.

The musician had been booked to perform at a club in Mombasa alongside other stars, including Nigerian artist Ruger, Eric Omondi and TikToker David Moya.

The first red flag was raised when it emerged that Stivo traveled to Mombasa via the road while other performers flew to the Coastal city.

However, his management played down the matter, claiming that it is the rapper chose his mode of transport because he wanted a road trip experience. They said he was chauffered in a Toyota Land Cruiser.

However, the management was exposed further after Stivo failed to perform.

Statements by his MIB management indicate that the musician had not been paid.

Comedian Eric Omondi unleashed against the management, accusing it of incompetence and taking advantage of Stivo.

“Stivo Simple Boy management must resign immediately or I will have them arrested. How do you bring an artist all the way from Nairobi yet he had not been paid event a cent? What’s your work as a manager?

“I was made aware of the situation at the last minute. Why does Stivo has four managers?” he asked.

Eric accused the managers of squandering Stivo’s money.

“The managers spent Ksh84,000 on food and drinks.”

The drama has been compounded by latest allegations that Stivo was booked in the same room with two ladies.

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