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Stray Lion Terror For The Second Week As Worried Residents Blame KWS

by Esther M.
2 mins read

The Kenya Wildlife Service has been urged to capture a stray lion that has for over one week been attacking livestock, sparking fear in Kitui Central Sub-County. The residents of Ivia ya Mbooni in Miambani have called upon the Kitui County government to demand quick action from the KWS.

Speaking to reporters at Mutitu Hills, the locals said that the lion had already killed a number of livestock.

“The lion just chased someone this morning, and he was lucky to escape death,” said David Mutua.

The people said they had to stay awake at night for fear of an attack by the lion.

They urged Governor Charity Ngilu to get the KWS to capture and remove the animal animal from the village.

Yesterday, 10th April, a stray buffalo injured a woman and a young girl in Kibwezi Sub-County.

The girl’s parents have accused the KWS of not assisting with the victim’s treatment.

Her father, Mwololo Musau, speaking in Manyanga Village, said she was still in deep pain.

All the KWS officers did was to shoot the buffalo dead and cart away the carcass, he said.

Joseph Kavutha, Thome wa AKamba leader, was disappointed to note that the KWS officers did not share the buffalo meat with the locals.

Meanwhile, three other buffaloes have been terrorising Mukaa Sub-County in Makueni County and the locals managed to track down and kill one of them.

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