The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is seeking to amend laws regulating the registration of SIM cards to curb fraud.

Hawkers face a six-month jail term or a fine of Ksh300,000 under Communications Authority Act, 2015

The CA has come up with new regulations to stop street sales and registration of sim cards across the country. 

The new rules are aimed at streamlining SIM card registration by agents. 

According to a recent audit, agents and sub-agents do not request identification documents from would-be subscribers, and when they do, they do not verify the details.

The audit report showed that it is for this reason that most of the SIM cards that did not conform were found to have been registered using passports or unfamiliar identification cards.

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The CA put up a notice calling for suggestions from the public on how to stop SIM card fraud. 

There has been a tendency by criminals to steal identification cards and use them to commit crimes, especially conning unsuspecting Kenyans out of their money.

Under the proposed regulations, the CA wants the duration of SIM card registration to be 90 days.

All the agents and sub-agents of operators will have to give their details, including company registration, number of outlets and their locations of operation to ensure full compliance.

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