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Style! 10 Fashion Statements From Pretty TV Queen Grace Msalame (photos)

by Esther M.
2 mins read

Pedigree Kenyan broadcaster Grace Msalame hosts a lifestyle show dubbed, Unscripted With Grace, that airs on NTV every Saturday, at 8pm. She is, of course, the daughter of the late Tony Msalame.

The pretty celebrity is herself a mother of three.

Apart from her cute looks, she also possesses a great taste for beauty and fashion.

Here are the 10 top fashion statements from the celebrated media personality

Sometimes a three -quarter jeans and a official blazer will bring out the girl in her.

Trousers really look good on her.

And dresses, too, even when it’s a free dress. Grace steps out in blue looking gorgeous.

Deras make leave her look adorable.

And her love for her natural hair is just outstanding.

It really complements her looks.

And the trending palazzo high-waist trousers are just her perfect wear.

Even when she was pregnant with baby boy Isaiah, she was just as beautiful as ever.

Even when it comes to jumpsuits, Grace stands out due to her curvaceous body.

And just like any other African woman, Grace adores African wear.

For her, an African coat will be enough.

The taste of fashion in the beauty queen is also evident in her pretty daughters’ outfits.

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