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Sunday Missive: Thy Will be Done… And Forgive Our Trespasses as We Forgive, Really?

by litfeed
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By George Kimando

Let me start with a digression, but with purpose.

Theatre has always been a love of sorts to me. I wrote my first play when i was in primary school. Not the deep kind Francis Imbuga and David Mulwa would do, but heck, it won a category in the division finals!

Later, i did it even for free, with a decent number of film scripts here and there. But then theatre didn’t pay. I think the most i got paid was 30k for a film script and 5k for a play. This, when writers in Hollywood were getting the 30k times a million dollar! Anyhow, there is a reason i wasn’t born in Hollywood.

But i love it. You see, theatre has a way of simulating out the surreal to present reality in a way that only it can, the imagination and creativity stretching from earth to heaven and back.

Which reminds me of a skit i once did whose reality informed this reflection.

It was titled ‘If God Spoke’.

In the skit, this guy (let’s call him Steve) goes to do his usual devotion time, starting with ‘The Lords Prayer’. Just like most of us do.

‘Our Father’, he starts. And God answers, ‘Yes my child’. Steve is startled, stands and looks around. Clearly, he didn’t expect a response. He was just doing his usual prayers, just like most of us.

He resumes his prayer. ‘Our Father who art in heaven’, and God responds, yet again, ‘Yes Steve’ This time He even calls out his name.

Startled yet again, he sits up.

‘Is that you God?’ he asks.

‘Yes, it is me. You called me, didn’t you?’

‘Yes, but…but…i didn’t expect you to answer. I was just doing my prayers, like i always do. You never respond’.

‘I always listen and respond to you, but today i decided we talk. Here i am. Now talk to me’.

So Steve continues his prayer.

‘Thy will be done…’

And God interjects, ‘Have you been letting my will be done in your life?’

‘But God, you know earth is hard. Am trying kiasi…you know…’

Alright, He responds, carry on.

‘Give us this day, our daily bread…’

‘I always do. But am sad at how anxious you always are about tomorrow. Don’t you trust me enough for your bread for tomorrow? But go on.’

‘And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us…’

‘Hold it right there my child. If i was to forgive you as you forgive others, how much do you think i would? Remember…(God lists to Steve all the unforgiveness he is holding against others; the bitterness, jealousy, envy, gossip, hatred, unkindness, ill will and thoughts, being judgemental, etc)…Why should i forgive you?’

And i wish to hold it right there too.

Do we go to God as a matter of routine, JUST DOING our prayers? Do we realize we are actually talking to Him and He indeed listens and responds? Are we trusting and still enough to let His will be done in our lives? Do we even mean it when we pray that bit?

Or do we JUST DO our prayers and pick up all the unforgiveness and ills from where we left of before we prayed?

What of ‘Forgive us our sins, as we forgive’? As God asked Steve in that skit, how much would He forgive us if He truly answered our prayer and pegged His forgiveness to us on how we forgive others?

Have an introspective Sunday, and a great week ahead.

By George Kimando

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