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Sustained Propaganda Against DP Ruto Doing Magic For Raila in Mt Kenya

by litfeed
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DP Ruto and Raila Odinga battle for Mt Kenya votes

Of climbing and scaling the mountain.

I was in my aunt’s house a few days ago and as I was watching videos on Facebook, a clip of Kandara MP Alice Wahome struggling to explain Deputy President William Ruto’s bottom-up economic model popped up and started playing.

I quickly tried to reduce the volume because I know my aunt very well and she is a staunch supporter of the DP. But she had watched the video and also heard it playing on my phone before I “killed’ the volume.

She looked at me and asked: “Why is Ruto promising so much yet he is in government?”

The question shocked me, as I know this woman as one who defends the DP whether he is right or wrong.

I responded: “He claims that President Uhuru Kenyatta isolated him after the March 9, 2018 ‘Handshake’.”

Before I could continue, she interrupted and said: “But he has been in government since 2013, so what is he telling us?”

As the conversation went on, I just realised that my aunt is no longer a DP Ruto diehard. Although she is yet to decide whom she will vote for President next year, ODM leader Raila Odinga is among her options.

Then on Monday, as the former Prime Minister traversed various towns in the Mt Kenya counties, one of my pals in the village happened to show up at Kenol trading centre, Murang’a County, where Raila had made a stopover.

Later that evening, he phoned me and his words shocked me. “So Raila is not that bad as we have been told? I listened to him and I think he is the right man to succeed President Kenyatta.”

My friend has been a DP Ruto fanatic and I thought I was hearing my own things, but I heard him right.

I’m always on social media and I have noticed that the number of people from the Kikuyu community who are embracing the ODM chief is building up.

Influential State bloggers led by Pauline Njoroge and Wahome Thuku have sustained a dirty campaign against DP Ruto, portraying him as “tribal”, “corrupt” and enemy and of the Mt Kenya people and I guess the strategy is starting to work.

Recently, Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Wangui Ngirichi posted on Facebook that the opposition chief is a hard sell in the region, but the comments from people from her community indicated things are changing. It was clear that the region is divided.

With Mt Kenya billionaires, often referred to as the Kenyan oligarchs, having declared their support for Raila, his fortunes in the eight million vote-bloc seems to be changing for the better.

The region has in the last three General Elections overwhelmingly voted against Raila

According to my observation, Raila could get more than two million votes from the mountain region if things remain as they are.

However, they say a day in politics is a lot of time. So, let’s all sit down, take popcorns and watch the game plan in the President Kenyatta succession race.

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