The Elusive Boychild Conversation And The Unending ‘Man Talk’

What does being a man mean? Is it acting strong even when the situation requires one to seek help?

The topic has been ignored for a long time, but the truth, according to experts, is that the state of men’s mental health has been deteriorating. Toxic feminism has largely been blamed for this.

Young men growing with absent or deadbeat fathers thus being forced to confront tough realities from a tender age. When did it become a normal thing for boys as young as 13 to drop out of school and hustle? Who is to be held responsible in such eventualities?

Unfortunately, suicides and drug addiction are increasingly becoming some of the most likely options for the victims.

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There need to be more collaborative efforts from the government, learning institutions, occupational settings, parents and other stakeholders to arrest the menace before it is too late.

One of the most well grounded solutions is creating a safe space for men express themselves without branding them as weak.

Even so, men have to learn to stop shying away from speaking out and accept that rehabilitation can also help.

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