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What Kenya’s Super-CEOs Earn in Hours is Your Annual Pay

by Lit Analytics
2 mins read

It takes a CEO just a few hours to earn your annual pay. Meet Kenya’s super-CEOs based on LitKenya.com’s 2018 ranking.

You have just started the New Year and you are looking forward to your annual pay rise. You are probably also thinking of how to restructure your Sacco loan. How much do you save in a year? Within a few hours, a CEO at a Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE)-listed company can make more money than what you earn in a whole year. These earnings manifest the premium placed on the men and women occupying the corner offices in the companies listed on the NSE.

The highlights:

  • Co-operative Bank CEO Gideon Muriuki earned more than Ksh1 million per day!
  • The earnings of the top 10 CEOs accounted for 57% of the total CEO earnings in 2018, and, on average, they raked in more than Ksh436,669 per day!
  • A number of companies on the NSE don’t disclose the pay because either it is not clear who the CEO is or the payment is made at the group level. These include Jubilee Insurance, Kakuzi, Carbacid, Kapchorua and Limuru Tea.
  • Listed banks’ CEOs’ pay accounted for 44% of the total CEO earnings. Therefore, if you are looking for big money, the financial sector is the place to be.

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