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The Rise of The Christian Idiot

by litfeed
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By George Kimando

This refers to Christians for purposes of the message, but translates to whatever Faith you ascribe to in manner and fashion of purpose.

A while ago, I read a rather interesting and thought provoking speech attributed to a Malaysian leader where he defined human beings as primarily belonging to three strata: the idiot, the tribalist and the citizen.

I’ll focus on the idiot examination, and for a reason. Follow me.

The idiot, he said, is one who simply does not care. They’ll cheat on exams, even when they can actually pass without stealing. If in government, they’ll steal, even when they have more than enough. The buy expensive cars and throw banana peels out of them, even when they have empty bags to hold the trash. They’ll block you on the road and jump lights, even when they are only going to a pub to waste their money getting drunk.

Simply, an idiot does stupid things which make absolutely no sense. And think that they are achievers!

Similarly, the Christian idiot will do stupid things which makes absolutely no sense, yet think they are achiever Christians!

We have too many of these characters around. And because they belong to certain affiliations, mostly religious, socio-economic and political, they behave like they are doing God a favour living in His world.

Especially in this season of political madness, you meet them on political podiums and social media platforms hurling unprintable insults to their perceived enemies.

They organize violent disruptions of opponent meetings.

They spew out tribal hatred and preach ethnic antagonism for short time political and capital gains, even from pulpits and consecrated altars.

You find others in networked gossip groups, back biting fellow faithfuls (in the name of sharing concern about that brother or sister, right?), yet smiling with them with shameless pretense when they are together.

Because the church minister, especially those mum and dad pastors, decreed something in Church, some faithful will not question it, however ridiculous.

That’s why you find people with hardly anything to their name taking loans to ‘plant a seed’ to a ‘bishop’ whose life is jet set and children in multi million fees colleges in Europe, America and Asia.

What am i saying in so many words?

We are witnessing too many Christians who don’t even understand the call of being a Christian.

They think being baptised, confirmed, wedded in Church, serving in Church, attending Church and being seen as a Christian is enough.

Their focus is being SEEN as Christian, while their very lives don’t reflect Christianity: love for God and love for neighbour.

Being merely a Christian in name only is pure idiocy.

True, none of us is perfect, and this is not a call to a puritanical disposition to life; actually, expecting everybody to be perfect is a component of idiocy in itself.

If our lives and the way we live are not exemplary of love for God and neighbour, if we do not do to the other party what we would wish done to us if roles were reversed in every situation we find ourselves in, if we don’t inspire others to be Christ like by our deeds, then we need to take an introspective pause and refind ourselves.

Let’s take a test i posed about a year ago which rhymes with todays reflection.

Do you see a person as a spiritual being first, or do you see the colour of their skin? Does that influence how you treat them thereafter?

Do you ask people what they do for a living to determine where you place them in your hierarchy of importance?

Do you ask or seek to know people’s surnames to inform certain decisions about them?

Do you have those biases that have no basis other than historical prejudices passed down from generation to the next? Like…Kambas and Kisiis are witches and wizards? Kikuyus are natural thieves and connivers? Coasterians are lazy? Maasais are daft? Luos are spendthrifts and harlotous? Somalis are quarrelsome and war like? Muslims are extremists and terrorists?

If you own a business and you were recruiting, would you employ a person purely on merit without being prejudiced by their ethnic, religious, race or gender backgrounds?

If your son or daughter today showed up with a fiancée who is not of your nationality or tribe, would you support them?

A true Christian will always ask himself, what would Jesus do were He in my shoes? And how would i like to be treated if i was in the other person’s situation?

As a Christian, do you cluster your relationships with others on who they are economically, in terms of social status, ethnically or culturally? Is your interaction with them pure and unadulterated by circumstances and/or expectations of returned or mutual favours?

Simple and basic things in life, mostly on day to day interactions.

If not yet there, there is hope. Even the Christian idiot can convert to a true Christian in word and deed. That’s the beauty of Him who called us.

Have an idiocy free Sunday, and a great week ahead.

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