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Thirdway Alliance Opts Out of 2022 Presidential Election

by Zablon Ondari
2 mins read

The Thirdway Alliance Party has announced that it will not be fielding a presidential candidate in the 2022 General Election.

In a statement issued in Nairobi on Monday, 19th July, Secretary-General Fredrick Okango said that the party would field candidates in all the other elective positions in a bid to foster partnerships with like-minded political parties.

“…we, as Thirdway Alliance Kenya, will NOT be fielding a presidential candidate in 2022,” said Okango.

“The call for aspirants on our party ticket is already out there. Our doors are open to all, and our party tickets are available based on qualification, moral and social integrity as well as fair representation.”

He said that the party would continue fighting to “repair the soul of the nation, using the spirit of Punguza Mizigo Kenya.

“We shall be seeking to unite and to heal our country. To turn this crisis into a crucible, from which we will forge a stronger, brighter, and more equitable future,” he said.

“We must right the wrongs in our democracy, redress the systematic injustices that have long plagued our society, throw open the doors of opportunity for all Kenyans, and reinvent our institutions.”

The party called on Kenyans to choose strong leaders of unblemished integrity by exercising their sovereign power through voting and partnerships.

“Come August 9, 2022, we will be going to the ballot to choose something more than candidates in various elective positions. The character will be on the ballot in this coming election. The character of our candidates yes, but more than that: The character of our democracy, our society, and our leadership in the eyes of the world.”

In the 2017 presidential election, Thirdway Alliance picked Dr Ekuru Aukot as its flag bearer. Aukot, who was the Thirdway Alliance party leader, came third with 21,333 votes or 0.28 per cent of the total votes cast.

Here is the full statement:

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