Three Ways to Move Out of ‘Comfort Zone’ Into ‘Growth Zone’

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we only get left with the option of challenging ourselves to change. Through this one seeks growth. There are four zones in the lives of a human being provided by therapeutic experts. These are comfort, fear, learning, and growth zone.

In the comfort zone, one feels safe and in control until the reality of life sinks in. The steps to take passing through these stages include: 

Identify the fear

Being in this stage of life, people often lack confidence and give excuses for everything. They also get more controlled by other people’s opinions about them or their lives. Fortunately, the beauty in this is that once we become aware of our fears, we decide to face them instead of ignoring them. Acknowledging such issues and keeping them at the back of our minds makes it easier for one to overcome them. 

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Seek Solutions 

The learning zone is where one acquires new skills, additional knowledge and is prone to facing challenges.

Well, the moment people identify their fears and seek solutions to break the barriers, the focus shifts. The norm has always been that “there is a solution to any problem that is well-defined”. This attracts the necessary tools and resources needed for overcoming these fears.

Find Comfort in Change 

Once one finally gets to the growth zone, it simply means one is more equipped with moving through their fear. They are now able to seek solutions to break barriers and their comfort zone eventually expands. Through this, one gets more comfortable with growth, change, and transformation. Here, one has nothing to hold one back from achieving one’s potential and creating the life one always desired. 

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