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Top 10 News in Brief: DP Ruto Fight With Uhuru Magnifies After Ouster Details

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
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As you start your day, you need to power your mind with some relevant and useful information.

We have picked for you the Top 10 stories making the headlines on this day, 3rd November 2021.

I’m Ready to Quit Jubilee, DP Ruto Says 

Deputy President William Ruto has asked Jubilee Party to move with speed and dethrone him as the deputy leader.

Speaking in Nyamira yesterday, Dr. Ruto said his heart is in the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and would use it to seek the presidency.

The second in command was responding after the ruling outfit revealed that it was planning to kick out the deputy party leader and his allies for rebelling against party leader President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The National Delegates Convention (NDC) will meet at the end of the month to pass the resolution, Jubilee Secretary-General Raphael Tuju disclosed.

Nassir Warns Joho 

Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir has criticised Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho for trying to influence his succession.

Nassir, who has been a close ally of the county boss, now claims that Joho is supporting his close opponent, businessman Suleiman Shahbal.

The lawmaker said the tycoon was using his money to seek support from the governor. He alleged that powerful figures in Joho’s administration have been campaigning for Shahbal.

The Mvita MP and shahbal are eyeing the ODM ticket.

Waitutu Loses Ksh52M

Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has been dealt a massive blow after losing Ksh52 million in a property deal that went south.

In 2018, Waititu committed to buying an office block in Nairobi’s CBD and paid a deposit of Ksh52 million, which represented 10 percent of the building’s cost.

However, he was unable to clear the balance of Ksh468 million after lenders refused to give him a loan.

The seller, General Properties Ltd, went to court and argued that the deposit should be refunded, as the former Kabete MP had breached the terms of the agreement. Justice Jacqueline Mogeni ruled against Waititu.

Ministry of Education Bows to Pressure

The Ministry of Education has been forced to create a half-term break following increased cases of unrest in secondary schools.

In a circular, Basic Education Principal Secretary Julius Jwan allowed a four-day break from November 19 to November 23.

Last week, principals wrote to the ministry and requested the break, highlighting that most students were exhausted due to the tight school calendar, resorting in strikes and destruction of property.

Did Lawyer Kill Belgian Businesswoman? 

A Nakuru-based lawyer is on the spot after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) accused him of plotting the murder of Kenya-based Belgian entrepreneur Dyselleer Mereille.

Interestingly, Harry Gakinya is faulted for the alleged killing yet the body of the businesswoman has not been found, raising questions about the information detectives could be hiding.

However, the lawyer is under pressure to explain why he is demanding a letter of administration of the woman’s Ksh100 million estate, claiming that she appointed her as the executor of her Will.

Britain Under Pressure to Bring Agnes Wanjiru’s Killer to Book

Lawmakers from the National Assembly have vowed to jeopardize the military agreement between Kenya and the United Kingdom if Britain fails to unmask a British soldier, who is accused of killing a Kenyan woman in Nanyuki in 2012.

Members of the Defence and Foreign Relations Committee said the alleged killer of 21-year-old Agnes Wanjiru must be identified, brought back to Kenya, and charged with murder before the two countries can continue the cooperation, which is under the British Army Training Unit (Batuk).

The current deal ends next year and the MPs said it will not be renewed until action is taken against the perpetrator.

Expose Shows Kenya at The Centre of Financial Crisis in South Sudan

New details have revealed how South Sudan suspected warlords have been fueling political and economic instability in their country but establishing multi-billion shillings empires in Kenya.

A report dubbed Kenya Illicit Finance Risks and Assessment explained that war profiteers, the majority of them being politicians, have been setting up businesses and buying properties in Nairobi using their ill-gotten wealth.

It also indicated that most questionable payments linked to powerful war criminals in South Sudan have been transacted through the Kenyan banks.

Moi University Crisis

Following the indefinite closure of Moi University’s main campus last week, the institution is now mulling on increasing the fees before learning can resume.

The giant school has accumulated a debt of more than Ksh4.5 billion, according to a report by the Auditor General, who also indicated the institution spent Ksh8.3 billion in the year ending June 2020 while its revenue stood at Ksh7.8 billion.

Hundreds of workers are also expected to lose their jobs, with sources intimating that those who led last week’s strike that culminated into the closure of the university will be the first casualties.

Woman Faulted For Failing to Take DNA Test 

 A woman claiming to be the second widow of the late Nakuru tycoon Eliakim Olweny has been accused of delaying taking a DNA test with her son to prove that the businessman sired the 22-year-old.

The High Court ordered DNA samples to be extracted from Norah Atieno and her son Kevin Odhiambo, but almost three months later she is yet to comply.

Atieno was unable to convince the court that she was Olweny’s baby mama after contradicting herself several times during cross-examination by a lawyer.

She could not even tell the day the child was born and even the hospital where she delivered him.

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