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TV Anchor Who Had 59 Days in Marriage Unveils New Husband

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Inooro TV news anchor Winrose Wangui introduces new husband

Inooro TV news anchor Winrose Wangui has remarried, several years after her first marriage failed badly.

The journalist had kept her new affair private until yesterday when everything came to light.

Wangui was launching her charity organisation dubbed Tunza Future Initiative in Nairobi, when she confirmed that she has a husband, who was by her side.

“I was to thank everyone who has walked with me in this initiative. I can’t thank you all, but I’m grateful to my husband, who was the first person I told,” she said.

Several speakers praised the man for supporting his wife and not feeling threatened by her fame.

“You are a man-and-a-half. It is not easy to support your wife and allow her to do her projects without feeling threatened,” marriage therapist Anne Wamuratha said.

In February 2020, the news presenter detailed how her marriage ended on the 59th day after holy matrimony.

“On the 59th day, we called it quits. We realised we were not meant for each other. It was painful, but that was it. It is difficult to say who was the cause of our divorce. It is something I don’t like to talk about,” she said.

However, the TV beauty to the fact that her former husband had cheated on her.

“After I left out matrimonial home, he did not stay long before I was replaced by a woman, who I think is better than me.”

 She also claimed that he sired her son at the same time as the other woman, as the children are agemates.

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