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Uhuru Loses Another Mt Kenya Lawmaker to DP Ruto: ‘Afadhali Hustler’

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has finally joined Tangatanga, a political group that dances to Deputy President William Ruto’s rags-to-riches narrative, under the “Hustlers’ Nation” tag.

Mwaura made public his new association via his social media handles.

In the first post, he was seen taking selfies with Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wa and the DP’s son, Nick Ruto.

They were on their way to Msambweni constituency to celebrate the victory of new MP Feisal Bader, who beat ‘Handshake’ candidate Omar Boga.

“Msambweni loading with Nick Ruto and Kimani Ichung’wa. I’m the better option for Wanjiku,” he said.

In the second post, he was with the Deputy President and also indicated that he was joining the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), which is technically the new home for the Tangatanga MPs.

“Yellow Yellow (UDM’s dominant colour). Hustler and Mwaura. #HustlerNation,” the MP wrote on Facebook.

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro welcomed Mwaura into the “Hustlers’ Movement”.

“Welcome home my brother Mwaura. In 2021, you are going to see more of this,” Nyoro said.

A collage to confirm Mwaura is now a Tangatanga politician.

However, those who follow the lawmaker knew too well that his decamping was a matter of when and not if.

Although he has been a staunch defender of President Uhuru Kenyatta at public rallies, when it came to media interviews he would try to front himself as the voice of reason in the Jubilee Party.

In a past interview on Inooro TV, Mwaura indicated that he feared disagreeing with the President because his nomination could be revoked.

“As nominated MPs we have to toe the line and stick to the party’s position even when you feel uncomfortable,” he said.

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