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Unga Prices to Drop as Govt Suspends All Levies on Maize Imports

by Zablon Ondari
2 mins read

The government suspended all the levies on the importation of maize and animal feeds to help reduce maize flour prices.

According to Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya, this will take effect from 1st July and last for 90 days until the next harvest.

“I have suspended all levies on imports for maize and animal feed products effective 1st July 2022,” said Munya.

“This initiative is aimed at lowering the cost of maize flour and animal feed for the next 90 days before the next harvest.”

The government have also suspended restrictions for millers from importing maize.

The new measures will help fast track the clearance of trucks at the border points where major snarl-ups have been witnessed.

The cost of maize flour has risen to over Ksh200 per 2kg packet in the recent weeks, sparking an uproar among Kenyans.

Last week, maize millers warned that the prices of unga would continue to skyrocket because of the maize shortage.

A 2kg packet of Soko maize flour now retails at Ksh213, Soko at Ksh204, Pembe at Ksh208 while Ajab goes for Ksh206 across the major shopping outlets.

The prices are the highest ever recorded for unga.

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