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Uproar as DP Ruto Runs to ‘Hustlers’ For Refuge After DCI Revisits PEV Cases

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

A day after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said it would prosecute some of the 2007-08 Post-Election Violence (PEV) cases, Deputy President William Ruto has come out with guns blazing.

In a social media statement, DP Ruto claimed that the DCI was deliberately provoking communities that have lived in harmony for years to start fighting again.

According to the DP, some powerful individuals opposed to his presidential bid are working day and night to block his ‘Hustlers’ Nation’.

Kenyans, he said, were now aware of the problems affecting them and were shunning tribal politics.

“The provocative INCITEMENT of ethnic hate/division INTENDED by the ressurection of PEV is an EVIL attempt to resuscitate the TRIBE project DESTROYED by the HUSTLER movement’s REALISATION that poverty and unemployment DELIBERATELY bred by poor leadership is our PROBLEM NOT our tribes,” he said.

Although he has been in government for close to eight years, the DP conceded that poor leadership had encouraged ethnicity.

While reopening a chapter many people thought was closed 13 years ago, DCI boss Kinoti said victims of the deadly skirmishes had received new threats and his team had ascertained that the claims are true.

“We went there for three weeks to investigate. The locals confided in us that they were receiving threats. The government has given us firm instructions that what happened in the past should not happen again,” he said, without disclosing where those who recorded statements came from.

Meanwhile, the DP’s post has sparked an uproar, with his critics and supporters engaging one another in the comments section.

Staunch supporters of the DP felt that their man was being hunted down to eliminate him from the 2022 presidential contest.

Peter Omari said: “Imagine the things we have seen and we will see more because they are fighting one man.”

But the DP’s critics were ruthless, insisting that those who fanned violence must be brought to book and that the ‘Hustlers’ Clerk’ should not be worried if he was not involved.

Solomon Kuria said: “We need closure on this matter, William. People are still suffering as you enjoy your life in that high office. Do you care about those who lost their land? Whenever they visit Rift Valley they see new occupants on what used to be their land!”

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