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US Ambassador to Kenya Mercilessly Roasted For Preaching LGBTQ to KOT

by litfeed
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US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman has faced the full wrath of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) for appearing to advance the LGBTQ agenda.

The top envoy tweeted that he had hosted a group of LGBTQ members and crusaders to address their fears, which include discrimination and denial of human rights, in the country.

“Over the past week my team and I met with the LGBTQI+ community & stakeholders to support human rights of LGBTQI+ persons. The U.S. proudly advances efforts to protect LGBTQI+ persons from discrimination & violence and will continue to stand up for human rights & equality,” she wrote on her official Twitter handle.

The post triggered a fierce wave of reactions, with KOT mincing on words while rubbishing her message.

Social Media users were categorical that Kenya will not entertain the stance of the United States on gay rights.

They emphasized that Kenya is a conservative Christian nation with strong values and attempting to import the western culture on Africans was insulting.

We have carefully selected some comments for you while avoiding others for using bad language.

Have a look!

Ramsey Nitram: “We condemn it in the strongest terms possible. Our values must be respected and adhered to. Don’t dictate how we live. Stay with your culture.”

Sam K: “It’s important to approach issues objectively & consider cultural differences. While protecting human rights & equality for all, it’s also important to respect the values & beliefs of different cultures. On that note, why is polygamy legal in Kenya but a crime in the US?”

Cathy Mutuku: “I don’t think I need to leave my country so am not coming for any Visa but am here to remind you whatever you are preaching is not going to happen when our ancestors are watching that is wrong Adam was given Eve not another Adam stop this western culture you are doing here.”

Felix Otieno: “It was by no coincidence that the supreme court made a ruling and it was followed by US First Lady visits while dangling 16 billion shillings LGBTQ funds disguised as drought mitigation grants.”

Chris Ngaruthi: “There is a lot you are doing to advance homosexuality in Kenya. I am curious, what’s in it for you? Why take this as your pet project? Is this what ambassadors are expected to do? Can the Kenyan ambassador to the US start meeting Americans on things that are illegal in US?”

George Ngige: “Can you please explain what you’ve done against the Discrimination of Kenyan victims of the 1998 US Embassy bombing, in compensation? What’s your priority, suffering victims or homosexuality?”

Mbae Ndubi: “Is that the only thing you have found and seen that we Kenyans need so you and your government are very proudly announcing how your helping? In Kenya we don’t want gays,if the top leaders don’t tell you that, hear it from us, in Kenya we don’t and we are not LGBTQ whatever, keep off.”

Oyolla James: “I will ask, is there a chance you can respect the traditions and customs of Kenyan people? All my years I have seen a dad who is man and mum who is a woman and we love it that way please!”

Victoria AI: “So at this point in time, with all the pressing issues in Kenya, many touching on human rights including sexually abused underage boys by older men, families going without meals, this matter is what has found its way on top of your priority list?”

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