Vicky Kitonga Rallies Behind Fellow Gospel Artiste Kambua Over Loss of Baby

Gospel artiste Vicky Kitonga is comforting fellow gospel artiste Kambua during the trying moment following her newborn baby’s death. Vicky, who has had her own health challenges in recent years, is the daughter of veteran gospel minister Archbishop Arthur Kitonga, of the Redeemed Gospel Church.

A few hours after Kambua broke the sad news of the passing away of her son, Malachi Manundu, Vicky took to her social media platforms to declare that she would provide a shoulder for her friend to lean on.

“My sweet sister Kambua, we shall pull through,” Vicky wrote.

She recalled that Kambua stood with her during her long period last year.

“As you stood with me, visiting me in hospital and even coming home with your lovely mom, the Rev Manundu, it’s my time now to comfort you.”

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She urged Kambua to remain strong.

“You will not break down, sweetie while I am here. You will be strong. We are in this like fighters. As you fought for me I will fight for you.”

The two have been great friends and though they are not related, Vicky has always referred to Kambua as her sister.

Last year, as she celebrated her birthday, Vicky thanked Kambua for visiting her in hospital.

“I was born without someone to call a sister, but God gave me one. Kambua Mathu has been the best thing that happened to me. We have cried. We have shared a lot together. We have walked together in tough times.”

Vicky reminded her of how kind she has always been to her, saying she was priceless.

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“Kambua, when you risked your life to visit me in hospital, knowing it was a Covid-19 (pandemic) area, while you were expectant, I was moved to tears. I was convinced that we are in this together TILL DEATH DO US PART. You are a rare gem and priceless. I don’t regret ever knowing you,” she concluded.

The Citizen TV gospel show presenter took to her social media platforms to notify her fans that her family was mourning the death of her days-old boy.

The boy had been named after Kambua’s late father, Manundu. Though pained by the baby’s death, Kambua confessed that it was a privilege to carry a life yet again.

“Our tears fall freely because our hearts are broken beyond words. We may not know how to navigate the days ahead, but God does. Please, allow us some time to process all this. We will respond to your calls and messages in due time,” Kambua added.

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