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Video of New Helicopter Goes Viral, And Netizens Say It’s Pesa za Covid-19

by Esther M.
2 mins read

Kenyan netizens have continued to express their disappointment over the plunder of the Covid-19 pandemic funds.

When a newly imported helicopter was spotted being transported by a truck last evening, 28th October, along one of the country’s busy highways, there was excitement and speculation that it could have been bought using the looted funds.

It was NTV Kiswahili new anchor Jane Ngoiri who posted a video of the aircraft on the truck on her Instagram, sparking the frenzy.

Take a look at the video below.

“Kenya…”, was the single-word caption by the Kiswahili news anchor.

A number of netizens reacted by talking about the millions of stolen Covid-19 funds being used by a few people to acquire such luxuries.

Jaz: “Covid-19 Millionaires.”

Mboya: “Pesa za Covid Billionaires…”

Billy Mijungu: “You’ve seen your taxes?”

Noberto: “Chopper vs wheelbarrow.”

Vinny: “Uku ni wapi (Where is this?)”

Mose: “It’s only in Kenya where you can’t afford nduthi (motorbike) fare and your neighbour can import helicopter.”

Jiff Manene: “Weeeeeeee enyewe nakeep wengine company kwa hii maisha (I am keeping other people company in this life)

Monipha: “Makubwa haya…mtu anaimport copter na hii rona.. (wonders, someone is importing helicopter in Covid-19 pandemic).

Gladys: “Ukisema Hakuna pesa …jiseemee (If you say there is no money, speak for yourself). You are the one who is broke!”

She spoke the minds of so many fellow Kenyans.

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