Vital Health Tips to Observe During The Holidays

Holidays are here again, and these are the times when many take a break from their everyday activities to have a deserved rest and fully enjoy themselves.
The Christmas holiday is barely a week away and it’s again that time for visiting family and friends and simply having a good time with them away from the hustles of everyday life
Yubrine Moraa, a health expert, points out the dos and dont’s in regard to health, especially during the holidays, where is so much merrymaking:

(1) Eat what is enough, don’t overeat, as it’s a celebration and not a good eating challenge;

(2) Remember your health condition over the holiday, and don’t ignore in it the name of having fun;
(3) Visit your doctor and obtain enough drugs for your condition if you will be away from them for a certain period of time;

(4) Avoid too much alcohol and other drinks with high levels of sugar;
(5) Take small quantities of food several times a day, don’t starve and eat a lot of it once;
(6) Take a lot of water, this will depend with the foods present in the area you are visiting over the holidays;
(7) Find out whether the area you intend to visit is prone to diseases or an outbreak and be vaccinated against the same;
(8) Don’t drink and drive or drive while fatigued. Take a rest and allow another person to step in.
(9) If your journey will take more than six hours, you risk experiencing blood clots in the veins. Alight after some time and take short walks to avoid these complications;
(10) If you are travelling to areas with different atmospheric pressure, you are likely to suffer altitude illness, which results in lung complications. See a health expert prior to the journey and get some drugs;
(11) If you fall sick over the holidays, don’t buy and use antibiotics that are not prescribed by a medical expert;
(12) Don’t share drugs prescribed for you with your loved ones if they are unwell. It’s a deadly habit. Let them go to a health facility and be examined and drugs have prescribed for them.

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