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Watch Visitors For Your Safety, Official Cautions on Covid-19

by Esther M.
2 mins read

As Covid-19 cases increase in Machakos County, the local people have been urged to be on the lookout for visitors to ensure their own safety.

Speaking to reporters in Machakos Town today, 21st June, county devolution minister Titus Kavila said there was a need to test all visitors before they are allowed to interact with the locals

“Immediately report any suspicious visitors coming into our county so they can undergo medical assessment before anyone is allowed to interacting with them,” he advised.

He said it was risky to allow visitors to freely visit trading centres and other places, as this would only increase the incidence of infections in the country.

“Make use of the local administrators, as it is your responsibility to ensure your own safety. Don’t allow anyone to infect you with Covid-19,” he urged,

Kavila warned the bar owners defying the government order to close down the businesses over the pandemic, saying that they were treading on dangerous ground.

“Bars have not been re-opened and, anyone doing the business either in your homes or shops, know that we are coming for you,” he warned

The county government a few days ago closed down three trading centres to allow the fumigation of public places after a young man tested positive for Covid-19. He had interacted with other residents at a trading centre.

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