We Are Thieves and Masters of Deceit

By Maore Ithula

We are thieves who go to church every Sunday, either to preach, speak in tongues or heal the sick.

Be we thieves do not follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

We thieves give fat tithes and huge offerings.

But we do not worship God.

We thieves are wealthy, powerful and influential.

But we do not fear God.

Instead, we thieves are the practical demons of deception and damnation.

As servants of the archangel of deceit, we thieves know that the Bible states clearly that the poor in any society are the true face of God.

We thieves also know that prudent use of taxpayers’ money would directly benefit the poor, thus giving glory, praise and honour to the deserving Almighty God of all creation.

Since that would happen at the expense of our master of doom, we thieves have express orders from hell to thwart any efforts to have it done here in Kenya (on earth), as it is done in heaven.

We thieves will, therefore, continue looting the public coffers and resources to retain, maintain and sustain permanent misery among God’s people in Kenya.

We thieves will also continue sharing the proceeds of our evil with the criminally insane clergy that has conquered the Kenyan church.

The latter are our proper comrades-in-arms who deceptively serve the devil, as legions of evil, behind the alters of Kenyan church.

Meanwhile, when the coronavirus pandemic ebbs away and normality resumes, we thieves will continue to employ our vast sanctimonious creativity inside the church to malign the BBI and to deceive and lead the public away from God, truth and honesty.

By the Kenyan standards of civilisation, we thieves believe we are invincible demonic criminals.

We thieves are masters of deceit.

Because we thieves are spawn of evil.


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