By Maore Ithula 

As taxpayers continue to celebrate the dying wave of the Covid-19 infections, trouble looms large in the ranks of the Kenyan community of crooks.

It appears the godsent development is pitting the few great thieves at the top against the swams of village vermin at the bottom. 

On the one hand, are the few powerful thieves who (unbelievably for the first time in Kenya’s history), are eager to see the Covid-19 pandemic taking the quickest exit out of Kenya. 

On the other hand, are the lesser village crooks whose original displeasure a week ago was with the delayed spread of the diseases to the rural areas.

However, their anxiety is now turning into utter panic with daily reports of the reducing rates of coronavirus infections.

The greater thieves dislike the Covid-19 pandemic because it is the first disaster in Kenya’s history, in which they have failed to loot billions in public resources. 

Inside the Covid-19 pandemic, the top criminal entrepreneurs have found themselves in a three-pronged dilemma. 

First, with the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) lurking in the background, for every attempted plot to steal, the great thieves are reminded that health is a devolved function.

Hence, the governors are now calling the shots.
Second, having licked the Treasury clean, the fat cats have no free money to lay the foundation on which to tap the flowing donor funds meant to fight the virus. 

Thirdly, the greater thieves can no longer seek treatment abroad, thanks to coronavirus. While the little thieves are happy with this angle of the virus, their senior partners in crime feel terribly indignified and thus would want the disease to go away as soon as possible.

For their part, every governor is swamped deep into swarming packs of village thieves, with each little crook salivating for a chance to convert their former primary school into a full Covid-19 hospital.

Based on the stiff competition therein, every little village thief is fruitlessly calling old debts from top powerful criminals to help them tap a few millions from their respective governor’s Covid-19 fund.

And then, suddenly, the rate of Covid-19 infections starts falling.

And consequently, the poor village thieves are frightened by the inevitable end of the the disaster.

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