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Were The Ndichu Brothers Condemned Harshly? CCTV Footage Imports Fresh Twist

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
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A CCTV footage from Emara Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi has introduced a new twist into the drama that unfolded between twin brothers Eddie Ndichu and Paul Ndichu as well as Stepanie Murgor and Cheryl Murgor on Sunday, October 17.

It has emerged that the fight at Maskani bar, which is at the rooftop of the hotel.

One of the Ndichu twins, in a white shirt, is seen saying something to Stephanie, which reacted in a way that shows that she was upset. Also, in the scene is Munira Hassan, who was in the company of the Ndichu twins.

Moment the later, the Ndichu brother starts a fight with Stephanie and her boyfriend Samuel Ramdas. He can be seen grabbing them by the neck.

The other Ndichu brother, in black, intervenes and somehow manages to end the altercation.

Shortly thereafter, the next episode is captured at the lift lobby where Munira and Stephanie can be seen exchanging words. Cheryl comes in and asks her sister to enter the lift, even as security tries to calm the situation. Here, the Ndichu brothers arrived when a fight had been averted.

When they all got to the ground floor, this is where the most part drama happens and a new man by the name of Patrick Koech comes into the picture for the first time.

Now Samuel had gone to fetch his car in the basement, but Munira and the Murgor sisters are hurling words at each other.

The Ndichu brother in white and Koech leave and shortly they start fighting outside. They are then joined by his brother in black. The brothers were also recorded on CCTV mangling the side mirror of Samuel’s car.

At the lobby counter, Cheryl and Munira are throwing heavy punches at each other. Stephanie is also tagged along in the violent commotion.

The twins returned did all they could to stop the fight between the women.

After the whole drama, police arrived and talked to both sides before the matter was reported Akila police station in South C.

The Murgor twins had accused the Ndichu brothers of assaulting them after one of the twins made advances to Stephanie, but was turned down.

However, the CCTV captures that the biggest altercation was between the three women although the Ndichu twin in white can be blamed for being the trigger of the whole movie.

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