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What an Eating Disorder Looks like

by Helen Ndubi
2 mins read

Eating foods that are nutritious is good for the body. However, experts warn, an obsession can be diagnosed as orthorexia. An unhealthy focus on eating can damage the well-being of your body and mind. Eating disorders can cause serious health problems and even death if left untreated. It is also considered a mental health condition marked by an obsession with food or body shape. It affects mostly young women and here are some of the signs you might be suffering from it, according to mental health professionals:

Fear of food

One may end up starving oneself simply because one doesn’t want to gain weight. The society has made women believe that they ought to have an hourglass figure in order to be presentable. The unrealistic expectations make some eat only vegetables and avoid other food, which is important for the body to grow.

Always tired

When your body is not given enough nutrients it lacks the energy to be active. If you always feeling exhausted at all times this simply means you may be experiencing an eating disorder. 

Wearing oversize clothes

This shows lack of confidence in how your body looks like and that is why one ends up putting on loosely fitting clothes.  Most people were made to believe that being fat is ugly and unhealthy but the truth is as long as you’re comfortable with your body then you’re good to go.

Avoiding mirrors

This is because you have the fear that you may have grown too big or skinny. Others end up always constantly being in front of the mirror to check if they are getting to where they wish their body to be. At the end one ends up being disappointed if their expectations are not fulfilled.

Comparing your body to others

Trying to get a tiny waist like the one you spotted on social media, wider hips or slim arms.

Comparison is the killer of joy and one oughts to understand that all bodies are different and you can’t try being like someone else. Also in this era people are paying large amounts of money to get a plastic surgery. So the least you can do is accept your body as natural as it comes. 

Obsessively thinking about food 

Since it’s a mental condition, in such cases one may end up overeating because of stress. This does not only mean those who consider themselves skinny but also one who criticises themselves for having a big body will end up eating every minute because of anxiety.

Isolating oneself

Avoiding social gatherings and locking yourself at home alone because you fear what someone may say about your weight or body. This may slowly lead to depression because most of the time we end up overthinking and no one is too concerned about you it’s always in your head.

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