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What Healthy Breakfast Looks Like And Its Importance

by Helen Ndubi
2 mins read

Breakfast is everything and is often termed as “the most important meal of the day”.

Choosing healthy foods to start your day and eating in the required portions is essential.

Porridge made from rolled oats, whole grain cereals with milk, smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fruits and raw nuts, arrow roots, yams, and sweet potatoes can be incorporated into your morning meal.

Many studies have outlined the health benefits from eating breakfast. 

Improves your energy levels

It replenishes your supply of glucose, providing nutrients that are essential for better health and also boosting the energy levels in the body. Restores glycogen levels helping one to be alert for the day.

Helps you control weight issues

Individuals, who religiously take breakfast, have lower possibilities of being obese or overweight. Ongoing research to prove this fact says it may help. the reasons being the following: 

   1.) Prevents large fluctuations in your blood glucose levels, controlling your appetite levels; 

   2.) One is less likely to pick up any unhealthy foods once you have had breakfast because it fills you up before you get hungry.

Essential nutrients and vitamins

Breakfast gets you a step closer to fulfil the doctor’s recommended daily vitamins and minerals intake. Most breakfast meals are rich sources of iron, vitamin B, calcium, and fibre.

Reduces risk of diseases

Those who eat breakfast have a lower risk of being obese and getting type 2 diabetes. By skipping breakfast, one risks contracting a cardiovascular disease.

Powers the brain

When one has not had a meal in the morning, one tends to be sluggish and inactive. Children who take breakfast are more likely to perform better academically because their brain has energy levels enabling them to concentrate and sharp memory.

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