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When Sinners Testify For You, And a Celebration of Life And Love

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By George Kimando

I have known this couple my entire life.

Retired teachers, he in his late eighties and her in late seventies, they have led an enviable life of impact and worth emulation, their fair share of weather to the South notwithstanding.

A few years ago, i witnessed his former students (he was a headmaster and educationist par excellence of many years standing) visit him with a thanksgiving message: weren’t it for you, we wouldn’t have been where we are.

Of course, they confessed, they didn’t like him much when he was ‘shaping’ them up. Well, no one would particularly love a teacher who punished you in school and followed it up with your parents, most likely translating to a second punishment at home too.

He believed, still does, shaping up a child has to involve both teacher and parent. Prof. Magoha would have loved him and perhaps tasked him with implementing the CBC.

In his stellar career, he touched many lives, something that give him a contentment that no amount of material or monetary gifts can ever replace.

She is a rare gem.

As a teacher, she touched many lives too. But perhaps it’s her family and Christian lives that stands her out as the perfect embodiment of the Proverbs 31 woman.

Her home was always a citadel and a fountain of hope, restoration and encouragement to many.

Apart from her five biological children, she was always a mother to many. Her children, especially the younger ones, confess that there were ‘sisters and brothers’ they came to know were not their siblings when they were already in school.

Alongside her exemplary teaching and family roles, she gave 25 straight years of service as a leader in the executive of the local and parish pastoral councils; she has always been not just Catholic, but a staunch one in word and deed.

But perhaps the most resounding expression of her faith was from some village thugs who have stolen from her compound a couple of times.

Their confidence? They swore that she could never go to a witchdoctor to bewitch them like some had done! And true to their conviction, she let them be, even after their identities were revealed.

Such has always been her exemplary faith that even sinners against her could testify of her strength and purity of spirit and character!

I can’t in a single missive tell all about this woman and her husband, but that perhaps sums up todays reflection: can even those who don’t particularly like you secretly admire and confess your strength of character and purity of spirit?

Can you be so firm in doing the right thing that someone would come back and tell you, ‘i didn’t particularly like you then, but because of what you did to and for me, i celebrate what i have become and am grateful’?

This weekend, amid health and life happenings, they marked their 55th marriage anniversary.

If you haven’t picked it up so far, this couple happens to be my mom and dad.

My parents, i celebrate and thank God for you.

Have a grateful day, and a great week ahead.

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