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Why Chimano Has Been Declared ‘The Beyoncé’ of Sauti Sol Band

by Helen Ndubi
2 mins read

One of Sauti Sol’s band members, Willis Austin Chimano, recently stepped out in an outfit that made quite a fashion statement. His colleagues in the Kenyan Afro-pop band declared him the ‘Beyoncé’ of the group.

“Sheeesh! This shot officially cements @iamchimano’s position as the Beyoncé of the group,” Sauti Sol’s post read.


Chimano amazed the people with his pink butterfly designed suit that was made by Tanga Designs, an inspirational fashion brand founded and based in Rwanda. Sharing the post on his Instagram page, he, however, did not forget to note that he had been styled by the self-proclaimed ‘grandfather’ of fashion icons, Brian Babu. 

He wore the outfit for his newly released collaboration with famous Zimbabwean singer Gemma. Well, Chimano has always had top tier taste when it comes to how he dresses in a flamboyant style as opposed to many who still remain closed-minded and term fashion as ‘indecent’. 

The vocalist’s deep voice is what makes him stand out in the group. The interesting part about him is that way before Sauti Sol was formed, Chimano won the annual Fete de la Musique music competition. It was held at the French Cultural Centre in Nairobi. He contested while he was still studying French.

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