Why Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa Made Kenyans ‘Resurrect’ Bob Collymore

The late former Safaricom Chief Executive, Bob Collymore, trended for the better part of yesterday — from his grave.

In reverence, Kenyans found themselves talking about Collymore almost two years since his death.

This is all because of the conduct of the man who succeeded him, Peter Ndegwa.

Ndegwa recently announced that the telecommunication giant would be rebranding as a world class technology firm.

Also, all employees will have to reapply for their jobs, a move that some staff believe is aimed at laying them off.

It a decision that has seen Kenyans criticise East Africa’s most profitable company.

Following allegations that the new CEO could be plotting to kick out some people and bring in his cronies, social media users were stirred.

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Comparing Ndegwa to Collymore, some netizens argued that the latter was visionary and dedicated.

Also during Collymore’s reign, a section of Kenyans claimed, Safaricom was the best employer and the staff didn’t have fears of being retrenched even during tough economic times.

However, there are some Kenyans who are backing Ndegwa, saying that embracing new technology is inevitable.

Those backing the top manager believe that some Kenyans just hate him because of his second name.

This is how the divisive debate unfolded.

Mister Albie: “The Safaricom of Bob Collymore is gone. It no longer exists. What we have now is something that’s slowly transforming into the look and feel of a government parastalal.”

Kevin Kogo: “Bob Collymore did well because no one was trying to pull him down. In this country, we are raised to compete with our neighbours and feel bad when they are above us. Peter Ndegwa is above his neighbours and hearts are swelling with jealousy and rage.”

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Ken Agwambo: “What did you expect after Peter Ndegwa replaced Bob Collymore? I’m not surprised.”

Cliff King: “But during Bob Collymore’s error, dData was expensive. That’s a fact.”

Robert Alai: “Every leader sets his own vision for a company. Peter Ndegwa is giving Safaricom a roadmap. He shouldn’t be sabotaged by staff working with Cotu. Is Cotu only interested in workers’ affairs when it comes to Safaricom? Just give the new CEO space and time to implement.”

Mathew Muthoka: “Peter is the right man for the job. He’s qualified and we can bet on Safaricom making progress. We don’t need foreigners every time to manage our corporates.”

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