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‘Wife Took My Money, Left Me in Hospital And Remarried,’ Pastor Narrates

by Robert Mwangi
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A Kenyan-based Tanzanian pastor has narrated how his ex-wife abandoned him at the hour of need, marking the end of their ‘happy’ marriage.

Pastor Israel Yohana says all was well in her marriage, but everything changed after he was involved in a near-fatal road accident in Nairobi.

“After the Matatu I had boarded collided head-on with a lorry, I found myself in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Kenyatta National Hospital,” he recalled.

He had sustained serious injuries that took away his ability to walk or do anything for himself.

The founder of Souls Winning, Healing and Restoration Ministry church called his wife who showed up at the hospital and left without uttering a word.

“When she saw me, she did not say anything. I’m sure she looked at me and said ‘this one is not surviving’. She just took the money that was in my pockets and walked out,” he recounted.

She did not visit him again for the one year he was hospitalised.

Every time he would call her, the phone would be picked by a man, whom her former spouse settled down with shortly after his accident.

“The man was very rude. He would tell me to die and stop disturbing them. I gave up and allowed her to move on,” the pastor said during an interview on the Wambui wa Mwangi YouTube channel.

After a year, the man of the cloth was discharged although he had recovered. He called his former landlord, who gave him a small room and exempted him from paying rent.

“But I was confined to a wheelchair and my legs were plastered. I could not do anything for myself and here I was alone. The neighbours helped me until they became tired. Only one house-help who would get some food for me and wash my beddings.”

Now that there was no one to take to the clinic, worms started coming out of his body. He decided to remove the plasters but still could not walk.

Many months later, he launched his ministry in a wheelchair.

“One day during the worship, the holy spirit descended in a way we had never experienced before in my church. Miracle started happening and I heard a voice telling me to rise from the wheelchair.

“At first, I thought I heard a voice of a church member. When I tried to rise, I felt like my legs were burning and within seconds, I stood on my feet after six years,” he explained.

His two daughters later came looking for him and now he stays with them. The firstborn is at the university while the youngest is in Form Four.

He says he has forgiven his former wife and even allows his children to visit her.

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