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Woman in Pain as She Loses Father, Brother to Covid-19 at Same Time: ‘I’m The Only One Left’

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After losing her father and brother to Covid-19 within days of one other, a woman has spoken out about her grief.

Last month, Alistair Rennie, 82, and his son Mark, 47, both of Whitley Bay, died. Both have underlying medical issues.

Alistair passed away on April 13 while Mark breathed his last on April 21.

As she sought funds for a double family funeral, daughter Elaine Rennie, who is a well-known musician, said she wanted people to continue to be cautious owing to the potential of coronavirus.

Singer Elaine Rennie.

“I’m the only one left, and I’m brokenhearted,” she added. “I want to stay strong for the sake of others.”

Elaine was able to sing to her father while he was in the hospital.

The singer, who is from Paisley, Scotland, believes her father contracted Covid while in hospital being treated for bowel problems, and that her brother, who has multiple sclerosis, contracted the virus when their father returned home.

Both men had been vaccinated and had taken extra precautions during the pandemic, she claimed, isolating themselves and requiring visitors to take tests.

Singer Elaine with other members of the family including her late parents.

Elaine is raising funds for a double funeral for her late parents Alistair and Mary, as well as her brother Mark, the BBC reported.

“I had to stay strong for my father, and then I had to stay strong for my brother,” she explained.

“He was hoping my father would be wheeled across to see him in the wheelchair, but he and my brother were both too ill.”

“I’m trying my hardest to stay strong for the funeral, a double funeral; it’s a big, big thing to arrange.”

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